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Talking about Grief

Hello to everyone. Yes I am a guy typing on this subject, not many do. I have found talking to us here on this page and others, as well as writing (in progress) about my experiences helps me and as I post my writings that it helps you also.

1. The many shades of grief are totally different for each individual. From the Soulmate, Children, Grandchildren, Aunts and Uncles as well as other family and friends.

2. Each journey through this grief is very painful and the most private thing one can suffer through. The people in our life’s will say things like moving on. Well moving on means to “to go to a different place, let’s put that issue aside and move on”.

3. We! Know there is never ”a moving on” I say this for everyone I mentioned in #1 above. Our loss does not go away ever!

4. As we all try to navigate the thing called grief, I ask us all to think first, then try to understand yourself and the person who is trying their best to communicate with you, as they are grieving as well.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.


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